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Haas Podcasts Family

We are Haas Podcasts, a Berkeley Haas podcast hub dedicated to giving the Haas family a voice over the air. 

We are supported by student volunteers with their generous “time” donations, Haas Culture Champions, and other sponsors. Our mission is to promote connectivity across the Haas family, between the different MBA cohorts, years, programs (FT, EW, and EMBA), Alumni, and Undergraduates.

Our family of podcast shows include OneHaas (Alumni), Here@Haas (On-Campus MBAs/Faculty), OneHaas Undergrads (Haas Undergrad BSBA Alums), and more.

With over 1,400 enrolled Haas MBAs on campus every year and 40,000+ alumni, there is more to this network than meets the eye. Our aim to bridge the network gap ever so slightly and introduce you to people you never knew you had in your Berkeley Haas network. Thank you for tuning in to this Berkeley Haas Podcast and lest we forget we are forever One Haas!

Founder & Host

Sean loves connecting people and learning new things (#studentalways). It is from this passion for connection and learning that led him to create the Berkeley Haas podcast series including Here@Haas, for current Haas students and faculty, and OneHaas, for Haas alumni.

He prefers an unorthodox, off the cuff, interview style fueled by his insatiable curiosity of the human condition. Although his background is rooted in Finance and Accounting, his entrepreneurial endeavors have always led him towards media and education. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing with music, and traveling to warm sunny places; which is partially why he prefers to reside in Southern California.

Here@Haas Host

Paulina Lee has a passion for storytelling and seeking to understand what motivates and drives others. Her background in marketing and sales drives her to make creative connections between people and ideas.

A proud New Yorker, Paulina joins the Haas Podcast team with previous experience as a college reporter and a strong devotion to the oxford comma (though slightly irrelevant to podcasting). Her journey to Haas started with a quest to figure out what she wanted to become when she grew up (still a work in progress) and a hope to meet inspiring and interesting humans. Paulina has an insatiable curiosity that leads her to pursue a variety of hobbies from surfing to perfecting homemade pasta.

Here@Haas Host

Raymond Guan, ACAS, is not your typical actuary. He values collaboration, teamwork, and connecting with others on both a professional and personal level. His journey to getting an MBA was inspired by a continual fascination with getting to know others from different backgrounds.

Ray joined Here@Haas when a classmate suggested that he utilize his interest in conversing with others through podcasting. Inspired by media personality (and podcast host) Jordan Harbinger, Ray has a more casual style of interviewing, preferring to have conversational-type interviews with guests. Ray is also a typical millennial, bundling his free-time to travel the world and increasing his country count (30+).

Raymond Guan
OneHaas-Ellen Chan

OneHaas Undergraduate Host

Ellen Chan

Ellen joined the Haas Podcast team because she recognized that there was no easy medium to hear about stories of Berkeley Haas Undergrad Alumni. She aims to help people connect beyond the limited information they provide on their LinkedIn and is excited to uncover the incredible stories and paths that others have taken!

A problem-solver at heart, Ellen likes to figure out the motivation behind each individual and how their stories can be relevant for her audience. Ellen is a growth equity investor by day and in her free time, you can find Ellen taste-testing sparkling water (Topo Chico is still #1 in her books), staying active, exploring new bars and restaurants in the city, and going on ski trips in the winter. 

Chief Growth Officer

Possibly the most interesting man on earth, Aravind believes that magic happens when you bring people of diverse backgrounds together to discuss new ideas. Having grown up in India and coming to the United States at the age of 21, Aravind loves meeting new people who use out-of-the-box thinking to solve new problems. He fell in love with the world of podcasting as a way to be exposed to these different viewpoints and ideas.

Aravind has worked in technology as a database engineer and product owner for eight years. However, it was an entrepreneurial bug that has led him to Berkeley Haas. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis, riding his motorcycle, and eating biryani.

Aravind Mamidanna