In today’s web-driven market, companies from all over the world may be experiencing less-than-favorable outcomes from their business practice. It is a common issue and one that is preventable, but how?

Business Alignment is a service rendered to deliver more sales volume, a better company framework, as well as a revamped business marketing strategy. The benefits of Business Alignment are never-ending, and there is absolutely no risk involved – making it a superb investment for companies all over the world.

Business Alignment services have been around for a few years and, despite their reliable and consistent results, remain a lesser-known practice in the industry. These services enable businesses to establish a rigid framework so that direct, realizable goals can be achieved. By utilizing a team of well-established professionals within the consultation industry, Business Alignment services can enable any company to reach the level of success it deserves.

Although there are many alignment services out there, there are none more trusted than Marco Gottini’s. Stemming from years of experience within business management consultation and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Berkeley Columbia, Gottini has been able to develop an unmatched Business Alignment service.

Let’s take a look at Marco Gottini’s life to see how he became the world’s leader in Business Alignment Services.

Humble Beginnings

Marco Gottini was raised in the small town Bergamo, located at the foothills of the Italian Alps. The town is located approximately 50km outside Milan, and travelers heading to Milan were typically the only visitors that the small town of Bergamo ever saw. 

Marco’s family owned a vineyard here in Bergamo. Whenever he wasn’t studying, he would help his grandparents with the day-to-day grind that came along with running a vineyard. Maybe it was here that Marco came to realize that he would one day become a well-renowned businessman.

After he graduated high school, Marco committed to pursue higher education at Milano’s Polytechnic Institute. He spent 5 years studying Electrical Engineering with a specialization in telecommunications. He received his Master’s degree at age 24, 4 years earlier than any of his peers at the Milano Polytechnic Institute.

From 2001 to 2008, Marco Gottini developed his skill set as an intern at an American consultation firm based in Milano. His primary duties included researching security systems to better develop gateways to allow these security systems to communicate with one another. After a while, he transitioned into a consultation-themed role at the company, which would prove fruitful for his later endeavors.

The Move to America

Along with the vineyard, Marco Gottini also has a family that owns a long-standing winery in Los Angeles. Marco’s grandfather started the Antonio Winery in 1917 and stayed in business during prohibition by producing sacramental wine for the Catholic Church. After 10 years of prohibition, the Gottini family were the sole producers of wine in the downtown LA area.

It was due to his love for the west coast beachfront that urged Marco Gottini to make the move from Italy to Los Angeles in 2008. His experience with project management consultation landed him a role with the nationally-renowned company, INS.

Marco Gottini’s very personable skill-set allowed him great success with INS. Maybe it was his accent, but Marco has the ability to woo people over – a trait that is vital in his industry.

It was here that Marco Gottini was able to hone his skills at business management consultation, and he saw great success in this role. He managed accounts for multiple global programs, enlivening the company’s established practices. But he felt that his career had stagnated and he needed a new challenge. 

Business School

While continuing his employment at INS, Marco Gottini studied for his Graduate Management Admission Test, which is a vital pre-requisite for admission into post-graduate business school.

Upon completion of the GMAT, Marco Gottini enrolled in the prestigious university, Berkeley Columbia over UCLA. He felt that a Master’s degree from Berkeley would have much more market value in Europe, the Asian Pacific, as well as the West-Coast. He wasn’t wrong. 

After jumping from company to company, Marco Gottini felt that he could use a break from the business world. He had an idea stirring within his chest that he felt needed more attention for himself. He had a rough outline of a business model that would integrate more conventional business practices and management consultation with something much more supple.

As a member of the Berkeley Haas Los Angeles board, Marco Gottini was able to develop relationships and network with many individuals that would further develop some of his own ideas. One of the most important individuals Gottini was able to work with was Steve Blank, creator of the Lean Launchpad methodology.

By developing a relationship with Steve Blank, Marco Gottini was able to gain access to Lean Launchpad’s business development models. These outlines assist companies through learning from customers and general queries. Marco Gottini’s relationship with Steve Blank proved to be a turnaround point in his career.

Establishing Bizal

With a renewed business strategy, Marco Gottini set out to mix his new insights with his prior experience. With his new business outline, he developed a system that offers unparalleled flexibility as opposed to the rigid, step-by-step methods that many firms at the time were utilizing.

Marco’s fresh insight into an age-old problem was not well-accepted by established business management firms that wanted to stick to tried-and-true methods. His new methods of business alignment services would have the well-established businesses within the industry completely revamp their models of practice. It is for this reason that Marco had to step away from the corporate elite and establish his own brand.

Bizal is the product of Marco Gottini’s innovative solution to business management and consultation. The agency delivers specialized services to align all of the various components that a business is built upon, but its main focus lies in business and IT strategy to revamp a business’ practice.

The company serves to solve business-related problems. A rough framework of the business’ methods is generated and any information pertaining to the company’s practice is included so that Bizal can optimize any less-than-favorable aspects. It’s a business alignment agency and specializes in tweaking details of the business model to a state of complete resonance.

Bizal has received numerous reviews and their reputation precedes them. They have an extensive portfolio of clients that have benefited from their business alignment services. Bizal has build rapport among its customer base by offering not only alignment services but continual customer service to their clients.

What is Business Alignment?

From business strategy to product marketing, the various processes of retaining an ever-growing revenue stream can prove difficult to manage without specialized insight. It is impossible to run a lucrative business without the aid of numerous professionals working in a particular section of the company, but with so many different people working for a common cause – the methods of attaining a result are not so clear-cut.

Business alignment is the practice of optimizing each aspect of the company’s model by a highly-specialized team of professionals. This procedure focuses on the desired outcomes of the company, while also focusing on the means to get there. A rigid framework is the pivotal step and following is marketing strategy, IT development, customer communication methods, and all other details involved with running a business.

Bizal is a leader in business alignment services due to Marco Gottini’s innovative ideas behind developing a strong framework and crystal-clear business goals. These alone allow the team to pinpoint where a business may see mediocre results, despite the monumental effort that was put into the business. 

A strong framework and direct, realizable goals have been proven to provide expected results to the company. Although it isn’t impossible, a business can find success without business alignment protocol, but the time and money involved make it a calamity.

In Summary of Gottini’s Commitment to Excellence

Marco Gottini’s life has seen commitment to business development, strategy, and consultation management. As such, the Italian born man has been able to assist companies from all over the world to reach a profound level of success that otherwise would have been unattainable in today’s web-driven market.

Marco’s devotion to company prestige enables him to develop an innovative framework that delivers results to each business he works with. Through Bizal, his services reach companies from all over the world so that they can benefit from a rejuvenated and effective business model.

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