Brandon White is a wonderful person who has done wonders for his country, community, and family. Born in Ohio, he served in the military in the 11th Signal Brigade and went on two deployments to Afghanistan.

He then went on to get a degree in business at University of California at Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Brandon has seen all kinds of adversity in his life and has shared his experiences to help inspire others to value themselves and the people around them. Here is a look into how he became the man he is today.

His Time in the Military

Brandon was born in Youngstown, Ohio and moved around a good bit until he became settled in Fort Worth, Texas. His grandfather was in the army as well and he keeps a picture of him in uniform next to his grandmother.

He was inspired to join the army by an old high school friend who he watched play in the Army vs. Navy football game on TV. Brandon visited West Point and eventually saw it as the best option for his future once he turned 18. 

Since then, he has had a long military career, being assigned to the second infantry division in South Korea serving as a communications officer and platoon leader.

Also, he served in the 11th signal brigade at Fort Hood, Texas. He has also held positions such as Executive Officer, Logistics Officer, and Company Commander in his two deployments to Afghanistan.

He has said that the army was a “transformative experience” for him. He had enjoyed his time in the army but he also says he had an “itch” for something more. In this case, that itch was business.

Getting Into Business School

Brandon held many leadership roles in the Army and that likely helped his transition into business school. At West Point, he majored in management as well.

Once he began his time in Haas he majored in Consulting. At first, it was a bit of a struggle trying to find his way in this new field while also raising his two children.

However, Brandon’s wife and support network at school helped him in many ways that allowed him to graduate and keep close ties to his family. He said it “helped me prioritize things” and he came to know many great people in his time in Haas.

In particular, Brandon says that his wife was the main way he could succeed when he went to school. When he had to be at a recruiting event or needed time to network with his peers, she would be the one to watch over their children. She was also going to school at the time as well.

He refers to her as a “rockstar” in this regard. Those years were very important for both Brandon and his teenage children at the time and they learned a lot about themselves during that time.

Work After Graduation

Brandon knew that consulting was going to be a struggle because the hours are rough and it requires a lot of traveling. It is a tough field to get into and not many work the kind of job for every client.

Though, after talking with his wife and some of his peers, they agreed it was a good opportunity and he should pursue it. It was what he majored in after all, and he saw himself able to scratch that “itch” following this career path.

He has since begun working for EY Parthenon and has enjoyed his time in strategy and operations. He enjoys the culture there because it allows him to be challenged and supported at the same time.

Brandon believes it is an environment where most people will encourage you to reach your highest limits and support you in your endeavors.

He has been at EY Parthenon for about two years now and focuses on things like mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs, separations, restructuring, bankruptcies, for all kinds of companies from small ones to fortune 500s.

Dealing With Racial Injustice and the Pandemic In America

The pandemic and racial issues in America have, of course, had an effect on him and his family. They have dealt with it well though and Brandon is very open with his children about the racism that his parents and himself have seen in their lives.

He has spoken with his son about people like George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and tries to ensure they know what their lives meant in the grand scheme of racism in America.

Brandon says that there are people that don’t see this reality that way, and will try to limit the achievements of their fellow man for a reason he is unsure of. He thinks of it as his “ultimate struggle and will probably always be.”

The core values he has instilled in his kids are that of honesty and truth. Everyone tells a small lie every now and again, especially kids. In the end, he explains to them that people will respect you if you are honest with them.

He also believes there is strong value in hard work. His parents both worked hard hours and he never heard them complain. Brandon tries to instill this mindset in his kids to always progress towards something while working.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Brandon has chosen a strange time to venture into entrepreneurship amidst the global pandemic. However, he believes this is a special time that you can certainly find success in.

He pursued opening up an event venue with his wife when, unfortunately, the pandemic struck the US. They were left wondering if they should even continue pursuing this venture.

Naturally, it is very difficult to open an event venue when capacity is limited and people are worried about getting sick around too many people. Brandon continued to pursue this venture despite the struggles though.

He has since found a fairly good deal on a venue space because of the pandemic and has opened it up for business. He says that it has events booked into 2022 and believes there is a long road ahead for his new business.

White’s Words of Advice

His advice to people in general is to follow the core values he has instilled in himself and his family. Be honest with other people and work hard to achieve the goals you have set out for your life.

To those in business school or any school for that matter, find a network and immerse yourself in it. You never know how helpful these people will be later on in life.

As for the current situation of the world it is important to help those that are struggling and those that are having trouble finding their identity. Racism is a strong topic in America today and, as a colored man, Brandon knows the importance of unity and understanding.

Brandon White has found success through his love for his family and his confidence in himself without showing any attitude.

The Final Thoughts

Brandon White has lived a wonderful life that has taken him to many places all over the world. He has met all kinds of people in his journeys and he likely will find many more as his future continues on. A link to a podcast he is featured on can be found here.

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